About Us

This site is my private collection of military aviation patches from Italian Air Force, Navy and other Armed Forces and from the Air Forces and Armed Forces of the rest of the world.

The patches are all originals from Flying Squadron, Support Squadron and/or Exercises.

This site is updated regularly whenever i receive a new patch.

Thanks for follow me, I welcome your feedback, your comments, stories and other special information or curiosity about the patches.

Recent updates (November 26, 2015):
– Esercitazioni militari – Military exercises
– On line cart

New categories:
– Italian Air Force – Aeronautica Militare (still working on!)

  1. Giovanni Lari says:

    Hi I am looking for the 2 Vigili Del Fuoco Patches is it possible to buy them please?

  2. Giovanni says:

    Good day I would like to have the 2 Vigili deal Fuoco helicopters patch somebody knows please how I can have them? Thanks!

  3. Valeriy says:

    Your collection is unique . and most importantly the idea to gather air force patches of different countries in the same directory. I can offer a complete collection of the Ukrainian Air Force 1996-2003.a a collection of incomplete 2004-2015

    • Albert Lohr says:

      I am a German patch/aviator wing collector looking for other collectors worldwide to exchange insignia.. I have many patches of USAF and other NATO counties Air Forces to exchange.

  4. Tomás Limpo says:

    i sold patchs of Portuguese Air Force contact me: tb_limpo@hotmail.com

  5. Rich Kordish II says:

    Do you know how I can obtain the 2 vigili del fuoco helicopter patches ??
    My girlfriend has family in Terrasini Italy

  6. Hutas Gabor says:


    Very good site!


    Contact! worldpatcheshun@gmail.com

    Website: http://gportal.hu/felvarro


  7. Laixaoc says:

    Irish collector can trade Irish Air Corps with other Irish Air Corps – email laixaoc@gmail.com

  8. Les Wright. says:

    Looking for law enforcement air unit patches to trade.

  9. David says:


    This is David from Mexico

    I also collect air squadron patches. Send me an email if you are interested in Mexican Air Force patches

    • Albert Lohr says:

      Hi David, I am interested in trading FAM patches/wings for insignia of USAF. German AF and other NATO Air Forces.

    • Albert Lohr says:

      Hello David,

      I am a German collector, interested adding FAM patches to my collection of 50+ years. In case you are interested I have many patches of European Air Forces in exchange. Please let me know what kind of patches you collect.


  10. Nikos says:

    Hello..If you have Hellenic Air Force patches or need anything from Greece pls contact me!

  11. Gennady says:

    The symbolics placed in your site is interesting.

    I can offer in exchange for all world’s patch collectors many different patches of Russian Army (include Air force), Police and Para-Military Structures.

    • Albert Lohr says:


      I have many patches of USAF, Luftwaffe and other NATO air forces to exchange for insignia of air force of Russia and CCCP. Are you interested?

      I am also interested in pilot wings of the former soviet republics.


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